Something New

Looking for a way to earn online and invest what little I've won in blog contests, I found GDI.

With an offer to make teams via I jumped into the wagon.

Hopefully, to no avail, i will be able to reimburse my investment soon enough, since the offer is very promising.

So, if any of you guys are interested in helping me out, referrals, or you joining in will surely help me a lot!

Visit any of the links below to learn more.

Are you a Filipino? Want to learn more about this in Tagalog?

Please visit this link: JOIN THE SULIT GDI TEAM


  1. yay mys you won too! yen contest :)

  2. hi mys, :) how you doing. hehe... come see me

    playing ninja contest. funny me.. its first time take up such contest. I know cannot beat other who is pro but I have fun. haha..

  3. hi mys, how ya doing? do you have other blog? I see you not update much this blog.

  4. me busy running all my blogs.. lol.. tired.. but at least blogging keep me busy.

  5. hi mys, pls vote me Heart Random at

    I am one of the wordpress finalist contest.

  6. Hello there! This is Makoy of the Big Mak Blog Contest. I have a new contest titled "Humor Me Makoy Contest." I am giving away a total of $300 cash prize. I hope you can join the contest. Visit and click the contest logo on the right sidebar for more details.

    Thanks by the way for your support in the Big Mak Blog Contest.

    makoy :)