Something New

Looking for a way to earn online and invest what little I've won in blog contests, I found GDI.

With an offer to make teams via I jumped into the wagon.

Hopefully, to no avail, i will be able to reimburse my investment soon enough, since the offer is very promising.

So, if any of you guys are interested in helping me out, referrals, or you joining in will surely help me a lot!

Visit any of the links below to learn more.

Are you a Filipino? Want to learn more about this in Tagalog?

Please visit this link: JOIN THE SULIT GDI TEAM



A simple contest from Yennygirl

+ Just comment in any of my post from April 25 to May 31 posts. Make sure you don`t make spam comments because I will be very sad with that..LOL And I have a right to erase them if they aren`t related to the post.
+ Be the Top 15 commentators and you will have a chance to win something! I will use a Randomizer to pick for the Top 3 winners! So, you don`t have to be Top 1 or 2 or 3 in the commentator as long as you belong in Top 15, you will have a chance to win something since I will use a randomizer!
+ The Prizes?
* First Prize- $20 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western Union(Valid Only for the Philippine bloggers)
* A Fashion bracelet.
* A Questions and Answers Post that will be posted in my site. With links to the winners site/s.
*Second Prize- $15 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western Union(Valid Only for the Philippine bloggers)
* A Fashion bracelet.
*Third Prize- $10 Cash Through Paypal or if you want it Western Union(Valid Only for the Philippine bloggers)
+ Lastly, in order to be eligible to join. I`d love if you can post something about this contest in your blog. Linking to this post/site.
Don't you love the fact that it's a very simple contest. What are you waiting for? Oh, I know Rosa and Sherry will be raring to go and making comments.
So contest ends on May 31. Hurry on to and start making relevant comments and not spam.


My Pink Shoelace's Pink Summer Contest

1st Prize: My Pink Shoelace Teddy Bear
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Doi Speaks
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Soloflight Ed
One 125×125 ad for one month on Doi Speaks
Web Art by Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly
2nd Prize: A wrist watch courtesy of Michy of Days Under The Sun
3,000 entrepoints from Bena: Fabulously Cheap and Chic!
3rd Prize: A pink Hello Kity USB Flash Drive 1GB
2,000 entrepoints from My Pink Shoelace
4th Prize: A My Pink Shoelace cellphone dangle and 1 Keychain from Singapore (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.)
1,000 entrepoints from Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Sonatas
5th Prize: 1 Keychain from Singapore, 1 keychain from Macau, from My Pink Shoelace (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.) and 1 keychain from Cambodia (courtesy of Doi Speaks, taking it from her souvenir box of her travel.)
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Restless Feet
So if you're into the points system and believe in winning via hardwork. Here's a great contest for you. 
Just click on the banner above and you'll get to the contest site.
Have a great pink summer.



May Blog Candy Giveaway! For scrapbookers!

Samantha of Scrapmaster's Paradise is giving a May Blogcandy Giveaway

This blog candy is HUGE! Here's what's inside:
*the Stampin' UP Itty Bitty Buds stamp set -this is a LEVEL 3 hostess stamp set!!!
*1 foot of each of the 6 in color double striped ribbons
*a Sample of the Bella Rose designer paper
*a Sample of the Candy Lane designer paper
*some So Tweet chipboard shapes
*3 sheets of cardstock in each of the 6 in colors
*Non SU 6X6 plaid album
*BUNCHES of Non SU coordinating round eyelets
*Non SU Rhinestones
*Non SU sticky chipboard shapes.
For more information regarding this giveaway, please go here.



Subscribers Contest: Win $5

A very simple and easy contest is being held at ThomasUKMdotcom.

What's in store for you?
5 lucky subscribers will each win $5 cash (paying through paypal mass pay to save on your fee) Closing Date : 12th May 2009

For more info: read the contest details here

You get to even double your chances of winning. So what are you waiting for? Join now.

I hope to win this one. $5 would be a great birthday prize.


LuckyBella Giveaway!

Do you know how I'm addicted to avatars? logos? illustrations? character illustrations/vectors? If not, well, now you know. I want to join this giveaway from Etsy Finds & Giveaways, they're giving away a LuckyBella avatar.
To enter the giveaway: Go to LuckyBella, look around.. come back & tell us your favorite item from her shop!

Earn extra entries:
*Subscribe to the blog.
Do no forget to activate your subscription.
*Blog about this giveaway on your Blog.
Leave a link to your blog in your entry.

You will receive one extra entry into this giveaway for each of the above actions you do.

For more details about this avatar giveaway: please go to:
They're also having an etsy giveaway so check out their etsy store as well. 

Contest ends on May 7.



Massdog Contest $100 every Month!

There's a contest that is run monthly. It lets you win $100 via paypal. All you have to do is write your best article about them, and if they pick your entry, you get to win $100. It's as simple as that! Hay friend join this contest
The host for this lovely contest is Massdog Web directory with the tagline PHPdirectory all the links you can get.
The site is amazing simply because you can submit your links whether you're a blogger, or a website owner. You can submit links, articles, and a whole lot more. Plus, i'm addicted to contests and here they are, providing a very great contest.

Furthermore, the site is made so that you can easily find what your looking for, there's an easy to understand navigation, just click the links and you'll learn more about whatever topic you want to find.

" is probably one of the easiest sites to navigate making the experience that much more pleasurable." - I disagree! It is one of the easiest not just probably.

Here's my experiene, I clicked on blogs and the categories show up and the number of blogs within that category is seen. I love the fact that the links can be sorted by number of hits, pagerank, and even in alphabetical order.
The sweetest part of all, when I learned about this directory is this contest which You will get $100 via paypal if you win so what are you waiting for. Try your luck, You will get $100 via paypal if you win.
Blog contest ends on September 2009. You have 6 months of trying. 



Win 2 Ipod Touch with Tech Boing!

Do you love free stuff? Well, Tech Boing has a contest for you! The contest has 2 prizes, one for a blogger and one for a guy that doesn’t have a blog.
What do I want to read in a tech blog? 
I want to read productivity tips and tricks with gadgets or technology. Also a list of environment friendly gadgets!

Prizes : iPod Touch (16 GB) for bloggers and an iPod Touch (8 GB) for those without a blog.

The rules are simple :
Step 1. Spread the word on Twitter : Tech Boing is giving away 2 ipod touch!
Step 2. Make a post on your blog where you talk about this contest and tell us what would you like to read on a tech blog. Don’t forget to link us on homepage and to send a trackback to this article.
Step 3 (only for those without a blog) : Make as many comments as you can (spammers will be disqualified)!
The contest starts now, on 11 April 2009, and ends on 11 May 2009.



Filipina Blogger's Birthday Celebration!

Filipina Blogger  is celebrating her birthday by hosting a contest.
Here is the list of the Amazing Contest Sponsors with their corresponding donations.
EC Credits - currently 200,000 !!!!
Cash - $100
Ads - 29 sites with Pagerank
Major Sponsors:
$20 Cash - Pictures and Cultures - A collection of photographs I have made and the travels I have taken.
$ 10 cash - MommaWannabe - a woman’s blog. A chronicle of life as a wife and a mom wannabe.
$20 Cash - Anak ni Kulapo - Mga Mala-Impakto at Walang Kamatayang Mga Kwento na Panahon pa ni Kopongkopong Mula sa Isang Walaaaang Magawa sa Buhay
$10 Cash Philippine blog - Your blogging resources for small business owner and new bloggers - at your Service!
$10 Cash When a Mother Blogs -you just don’t know what she might write…
$10 Cash Yes, It’s ME! - Mobile travel blog of a doctor and now a personal notebook of a housewife.
$10 Cash The Painted Veil-The ideal has many names,and beauty is one of them. -W Somerset Maugham
$10 Cash Kalidadis -Photos, travel, vacation, tips & etcetera!
EC Sponsors
  1. 10,000 EC - Buraot Entrecard Generator - Buraot’s Entredropper, the entrecard generator that brings you credits and traffic the easy way.
  2. 10,000 EC - Diet Recipes blog - Lots of diet recipes under 200 calories
  3. 5230 EC - Pinoy Blogger in Singapore -The certified pinoy blogger dominates Singapore blogosphere
  4. 4040 EC Credits - Life of a Filipina Blogger
  5. 3000 EC Credits - MommaWannabe
  6. 3000 EC - Random Detox
  7. 3000 EC - Blog de Manila
  8. 3000 EC - A Life to Remember
  9. 2500 EC - Free Pogo Tokens
  10. 2000 EC - Mature Not Senile
  11. 2000 ECGirlsAreMadeofSugarAndApice
  12. 2000 EC Everything Has A Reason
  13. 2000 EC In My Kitchen
  14. 2000 EC In The Life Of…
  15. 2000 EC Low Fat Diaries
  16. 2000 EC - Kaya Mo Pinoy
  17. 2000 EC - Pinay Mom
  18. 2000 EC - The Beauty Denominator
  19. 2000 EC - Serendipity
  20. 2000 EC - In Retrospect
  21. 2000 EC - Time Recursion
  22. 2000 Ec - Blogger Templates
  23. 2000 EC- Proud Mommy
  24. 2000 EC - A Taste of Both Worlds
  25. 2000 EC - A Simple Life
  26. 2000 EC - Mommy’s Little Corner
  27. 2000 EC - Simplement Belles
  28. 2000 EC - Cooking’s Fun
  29. 2000 EC - Moi et mon Univers!
  30. 1550 EC from Guilty Pleasures
  31. 1500 EC - Moms… Check Nyo
  32. 1500 EC - Sharing my Thoughts
  33. 1500 EC - Living on one Income
  34. 1500EC - Joys in Life
  35. 1500 EC - Dancing in Midlife Tune
  36. 1500 EC - Healthy is Wealth
  37. 1500 EC - A Girl for All Status
  38. 1500 EC - Pinay Single Mommy
  39. 1500 EC - 1716 South
  40. 1500 EC - Really Interesting Projects
  41. 1500 EC - God’s Best Gift
  42. 1500 EC - Big Boys Have Toys Too
  43. 1188 EC - BlogTactic
  44. 1000 EC - Life’s sweets and spices
  45. 1000 EC - The Path to Pegasus Letter
  46. 1000 EC- A Singaporean in London
  47. 1000 EC - The Iphone Photographer
  48. 1000 Ec - Travel Guides, Luxury Travel
  49. 1000 EC - Practical Means
  50. 1000 EC - Bulgarian Silvatree
  51. 1000 EC - Pinoy Showbiz and Hollywood
  52. 1000 EC - Make Money Online with Makoy
  53. 1000 EC - Makoy Pinoy Blogger
  54. 1000 EC - The Struggling Blogger
  55. 1000 EC - The Struggling Blogger dot Com
  56. 1000 EC - The House Of Puroy
  57. 1000 EC - Money Online
  58. 1000 EC - Etsetera! Etsetera!
  59. 1000 EC - xoxjanellexox
  60. 1000 EC - Michael Aulia’s Blog
  61. 1000 EC - Erika’s World
  62. 1000 EC - Marvie 24patrol
  63. 1000 EC -Marvie Journal of Journey
  64. 1000 EC -Marvie Multiply Themes and Layouts
  65. 1000 EC - Season and Episode - Online Watch
  66. 1000 EC - Medan Daily
  67. 1000 EC - Asian Dramas
  68. 1000 EC -
  69. 1000 EC - SimplyWP
  70. 1000 EC - Better Interpersonal Communication
  71. 1000 EC - Junkie Yard Dot Com
  72. 1000 EC - Health and Fitness Journal
  73. 1000 EC - Link Exchange Network
  74. 1000 EC - My Mode Mobile Prepaid Business Solutions
  75. 1000 EC - Journey of my life
  76. 1000 EC - Jeflin’s Investment Blog
  77. 1000 EC- Shopping Blog
  78. 1000 EC - Sherry Rambling
  79. 1000 EC - Heart Random
  80. 1000 EC - Budget Blogging
  81. 1000 EC - I LUV Contests
  82. 1000 EC - Moolah Musings
  83. 1000 EC - The Ruby Posts
  84. 1000 EC - Mommy Emotes
  85. 1000 EC - Johann David
  86. 1000 EC - Iowa Hippie Chick
  87. 1000 EC - Through the Rain
  88. 1000 EC - Made to Worship
  89. 1000 EC -(Tricia) My Online Journey
  90. 1000 EC - Ivory Tasks
  91. 1000 EC - Pink Thoughts
  92. 1000 EC - Posh Thoughts
  93. 1000 EC - Heartnet
  94. 1000 EC - Heartnet02
  95. 1000 EC - My Piece of Paradise
  96. 1000 EC - The Modern Mom
  97. 1000 EC - Eastcoastlife
  98. 1000 EC - Nita’s Random Thoughts
  99. 1000 EC - Thomas Travel Tales
  100. 1000 EC - Thomas Web Links
  101. 1000 EC - Serradinho
  102. 1000 EC - Roysville
  103. 1000 EC - Brownpinay
  104. 1000 EC - Wonderful Things In Life
  105. 1000 EC - My Life’s Adventure
  106. 1000 EC - Life’s Journey
  107. 1000 EC - The Joy Of Life Forever
  108. 1000 EC - The Designers Blog
  109. 1000 EC - Make or Break
  110. 1000 EC - Me and Mine
  111. 1000 EC - Marvie Streaming - Online Watch
  112. 1000 EC - There is Happiness
  113. 1000 EC - Twins Happiness
  114. 1000 EC - Barefooted Me
  115. 1000 EC - In My Red heels
  116. 1000 EC - DeCaFFeiNaTeD
  117. 1000 EC - Rosa Journey
  118. 1000 EC - Rosa I Heart Pink
  119. 1000 EC - Rosa PinayMamaBlog
  120. 1000 EC - Rosa I Heart Pink
  121. 1000 EC - Rosa Simple Life
  122. 1000 EC -Nhil Call Center Gal
  123. 1000 EC -Nhil A Simple Married Life
  124. 1000 EC -Nhil Pinay Freelancer
  125. 1000 EC -Nhil 24×7 Online Diva
  126. 1000 EC -Nhil Mom Tips
  127. 1000 EC -Nhil The Chef’s Daughter
  128. 1000 EC -Nhil Life’s Winks
  129. 1000 EC -Indo Indo Contest
  130. 1000 EC - Indo Rapid Shoots
  131. 1000 EC - Indo Affiliatizer
  132. 1000 EC - Indo Scandals Prime dot Com
  133. 1000 EC - NHC Premium Wordpress Themes
  134. 1000 EC - J Chica Chika - an Entertainment blog
  135. 1000 EC - J Health and Beauty Diva
  136. 1000 EC - J Diva Fabulosa
  137. 1000 EC - J Obama Online
  138. 1000 EC -Jena Working Abroad
  139. 1000 EC -Jena Gewgaw Writings
  140. 1000 EC - Jena Random Thoughts
  141. 1000 EC - A Malaysian Abroad
  142. 1000 EC - The Power of Me
  143. 1000 EC - Palabuzz
Products and Services
Blog Review from Make or Break - 200 word review at a PR2 blog.
Blog Review from Hot in Singapore
Package Prize:
Dot Com Domain from Pinay Mommy Online - Pinay Mommy Online
Blog Hosting from SEO Friendly Blog Directory from Blogs Haven
Dot Com Domain from The Pinay Blogger and Pinay Blogging!
The contest will start on March 21, 2009 and will end on April 30, 2009 11:59 P.M. (Singapore Time). Winners will be announced on May 5, 2009.


A Review.

What jumps at me as soon as I go to her page is the image of the 'jeepney'. This makes her blog certified Filipino, branded with a 'jeepney', I of course expect adventures and descriptions of travel. Her writings are very informative, detailed, peppered with beautiful photographs and quick wit. Her blog is also composed and designed beautifully. Well-balanced, and did I mention beautiful already?
I love looking into categories. What caught my eye was her post on Confessions. The Filipina Blogger wrote such a heartwarming, informative and candid post about being addicted to Chocolates, or as she referred to herself, a chocoholic. The write-up included tips in curbing your addiction which I found very enlightening, since I'm a diabetic who is a chocoholic and she mentioned blood sugar levels in that particular post. Her photo also jumps at me and grabs my attention. It's such an amazing photograph in the sense that she had such presence. I'm sorry, I seem to be lost in just heaping praise on her but then it's all true.
If you're ever interested in more stories, about blogging, and about living the life in Singapore, Pinayjade is the blog which you definitely must read. I picked one, of all her many stories. I chose a confession. I'm addicted to that type. If you want to learn about blogging experience, and just plain want to read about her life experiences in Singapore - a country famous for its strictness regarding cleanliness, go on and read her blog.



Yashiro Blogoversary Contest!

Yashiro is celebrating his 1st year anniversary and in connection with this, he launched his Yashiro Blogoversary Contest. His blog is mostly about his son and things that interest him.

Prizes up for grabs are as follows:


1ST Prize
1000 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Month – Grab Shell Dude

2ND Prize
500 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Yashiro Arts
125 x 125 ad spot for 2 Weeks – Grab Shell Dude

3RD Prize
200 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Yashiro
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Week – Grab Shell Dude

4TH Prize
100 EC Credits
125 x 125 ad spot for 1 Day - Yashiro

5TH Prize
100 EC Credits

For more info about the contest: Please read the requirements here
Contest ends on June 28, 2009



Dore's Diaries is turning 1!

Dore's Diaries

Dore's Diaries is turning 1. In time for this first year blogging anniversary, she will be holding a blog giveaway!

The Yummy Part: 

Giveaway Part 1 - US RESIDENTS ONLY

**First Place**
~Cosmedicine Healthy Face Regimen ($102 value)c/o Beauty Junkies Unite
~Your choice of Custom Blogspot 3 column Blog Design
($75 value) OR a Portrait Tile Pendant ($50 value) c/o Angela Vinez Design

**Second Place**
~Microfiber Camisole and Thong Set ($60 value) c/o My Adea
~Choice of 1 of 4 shirts ($35 value) c/o Y2KbyGingham
~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon
($5.49 value) c/o Clorox

**Third Place**
~Baby Basket w/ Lavender Chamomile Baby Lotion 8oz, Baby Fresh Whipped Body Butter 8 oz, Baby Bum Rub Ointment, and Chamomile Glycerine Baby Soap ($46.00 value)
c/o Vital Earth Traditions
~Choice of 1 of 4 shirts ($35 value) c/o Y2KbyGingham
~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon
($5.49 value) c/o Clorox

**Fourth Place**
~Savorings Serving Tray Gift Set c/o Pillsbury
Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

**Fifth Place**
~Savorings Wine Bag Gift Set c/o Pillsbury
Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

**Sixth Place**
~Pillsbury Home is Calling Gift Basket c/o Pillsbury
~Shirt of your choice ($24 value) c/o Leave Me B

**Seventh Place**
~Lure for Him and Lure for Her Gift Set ($38 value)
c/o Eden Fantasys, an awesome place for Adult Toys

**Eighth Place**
~"Gift of Beauty" ($35 value) c/o It's A Glam Thing

**Ninth Place**
~$20 Gift Certificate c/o Vital Earth Traditions

**Tenth Place**
~8 oz. Soy Candle ($15.75 value) c/o Lorain's Touch
~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

**Eleventh Place**
~Spinlash ($15 value) c/o Spinlash
~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

**Twelfth Place**
~Bitch Balance Butter ($9 value) c/o Vital Earth Traditions
~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

**Thirteenth Place**

~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon
($5.49 value) c/o Clorox
~2 oz. Soy Candle ($3.25 value) c/o Lorain's Touch

**Fourteenth Place**
~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon
($5.49 value) c/o Clorox
~PureSilk Moisturizing Shave Cream Sample c/o Barbasol Pure Silk

**Fifteenth Place**
~Free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canister coupon
($5.49 value) c/o Clorox

Giveaway Part 2 - OPEN TO EVERYONE!

**First Place**

~Custom Banner ($149 value) c/o
~5,000 EC credits c/o

**Second Place**
~Professional Logo ($99 value) c/o
~2,000 EC credits c/o Random Detoxification
~2,000 EC credits c/o Freaky Frugalite

**Third Place**
~10,000 EC credits c/o Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009
~1,000 EC credits c/o A Grateful Heart
~The All-New DIL Rules eBook ($14.95 value) c/o Sally Shields

**Fourth Place**

~2,000 EC credits c/o Seek No More
~1,500 EC credits c/o PolitEkon
~1,500 EC credits c/o Nesting Buddy
~By the Book: How to Take Care of MY Kids eBook ($9.95 value)
c/o Karmel Publishing

**Fifth Place**
~2,000 EC credits c/o Windmill on the Hill
~1,500 EC credits c/o Things About Computer

**Sixth Place**

~1,500 EC credits c/o A Simple Life
~1,500 EC credits c/o Mature Not Senile
~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3
c/o Better Interpersonal Communication

**Seventh Place**
~2,000 EC credits c/o Moms... check nyo
~500 EC credits c/o Legal Cat-asthrope
~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3 c/o Dore's Diaries

**Eight Place**
~1,000 EC credits c/o Indo Contest
~500 EC credits c/o Affiliatizer
~500 EC credits c/o Rapid Shoots
~500 EC credits c/o Scandals Prime dot COM
~250 EC credits c/o Stay at Home Mom
~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR3 c/o Symphony of Love

**Ninth Place**
~2000 EC credits c/o DB Comix
~500 EC credits c/o AllBlogContest
~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR2 c/o Free Famous Quotes

**Tenth Place**

~1500 EC credits c/o Mommy's Little Corner
~500 EC credits c/o My Kids Are My World
~1 month 125x125 ad space on PR2 c/o Gift Reviews

**Eleventh Place**
~1000 EC credits c/o East Coast Life
~500 EC credits c/o Vanilla Seven
~200 EC credits c/o Margie and Edna's Basement
~1 month 125 x 125 ad space on PR2 c/o Blog Friendly PR

**Twelfth Place**

~1000 EC credits c/o Life's a Pizza Pie
~500 EC credits c/o Make Every Day Your Lucky Day

**Thirteenth Place**
~1024 EC credits c/o The Matthias Chronicles

**Fourteenth Place**
~250 EC credits c/o Pregnant with Cancer
~250 EC credits c/o Nothing Off Limits

For more information regarding this giveaway, visit
Dore's Diaries



Campaign Time! Vote for my Entry....Please!

It's Campaign Time and Every Vote Counts!
Vote for my Entry!

But don't just vote...Read my entry, here:

I am sure that mine is not the best, but if you at the very least like it, go ahead and vote for it!

Clicking the picture above will send you to the 'polling precint'.

My entry is under Just Keep Trying.

I don't have much blogger friends. I am known to keep to myself. I am appealing to you as someone who is a mediocre writer but loves blogging. Read my entry and I hope you like it.

Will try to write the sequel soon.



Techuse Blog is holding his 1st ever Contest!

Techuse.Net is hosting a first ever blog contest with prizes that amount to more than $200.
This is the prize list:
1st prize -
  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.
2nd prize -
  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page.
3rd prize -
  • Your site/blog listed on my blogs links page

Other Prizes

Top Commenter Give Away

The top two commenter of the blog will receive $5 cash.

No One Goes Empty Handed

An ebook guiding you on link-building via blog commenting will be given to each and every subscriber. :)
**All payments will be made through PayPal
**One entry per human
**Choosing will be done via Ramdom.Org
**Contest Ends on 15th April
With a wonderful contest and a simple one at that, What are you waiting for?
Head on out to his blog and join in the fun. The more, the merrier.

For more details: Visit at


Beadiful Things: Back, and Better Than Ever!

Beadiful Things: Back, and Better Than Ever!

I found this and can't wait to share. It's really a very beautiful design and so lovely to look at!. Go on, Click the picture and join. Contest ends April 1. Still got time.


Join Go Tipster $50 Blog Contest

Do you want to try and win $50? Interested in learning more about soccer? What about news about international competitions? The World Cup? Look no further, I found the site that can give you the best free soccer tips and football predictions. To celebrate their grand launching, is giving away $50. Isn't that sweet? The site offers a lot of information, there are articles for European competitions, Spanish La Liga and lots more. 
You can also read about the UEFA Cup or the FA Cup. Whatever your choice, whatever you like about soccer or football. Get it from


$50 Cash Paid via PayPal!

Exclusive and private 3 (three) soccer tips !
(Means the tips will NOT be posted here! Just for you!)

A one month free 125×125 banner placement in all pages!

For details on how to enter, please go here:

Blog contest ends on April 12, announcement on April 15.


Ben Pei's No Brainer Blog Contest!

Ben Pei has come up with a no brainer contest on his make money online blog Pei Profit Dot Com. It only requires you complete four simple tasks like copying and pasting. The only reason that he is making it so simple to bring home those attractive prizes is that he wants to make winning easy for his readers. Prizes include $50 cash prize via PayPal, Atomic Blogging 3.0, Ultimate Blogging Theme, Banner Ad On and 1 Year Membership On AdTracker.

Well if you are not heading over and grab your chance, others will! No more complicated reviews, no more linking to 10,000 sponsors. ONLY copy and paste and you could walk away with these big prizes!

Check out all the details of how you can enter the Ben Pei’s No Brainer Blog Contest now.



Join Subscriber's Contest!

Full details taken from PSDeluxe

First Prize: 100$ form -Best photoshop community, Premium Plus license ($19.99) from;

Second Prize: 20$ from -Best photoshop community, Premium Plus license ($19.99) from; "Reseller Hosting Pack for One Year" ($49.99) from; 1 month text link on "Premium Wordpress Themes" -

Third Prize: Premium Plus license ($19.99) from; 1000 Entrecard credits from "Premium Wordpress Themes" -
How to enter?

Rules for this contest are very simple as it is first contest on

Fistful, participate in this contest can only members, so please register ;)

Now you need to do three simple steps:

1. Save as bookmark on;
2. Subscribe to feed;
3. Follow us on;

After you done this, below in comment write:

1. Your username;
2. Feed subscribe e-mail;
3. Your username;

That’s all you need to do. Contest ends on April 24th 2009. The winners will be selected randomly using and announced on April 26th 2009.

About sponsors:

Photoshop tutorials

PS Deluxe is an ultimate delight for all Photoshop enthusiasts. Armed with a huge pool of information regarding the tools and tactics of Photoshop, it aims to become a one-stop hub in the near future for everyone who loves Photoshop.

BannerSnack is a banner maker that allows you to easily create Flash banners online within a few minutes. You do not need to have Adobe Flash software. You can easily add text or image, apply any transition from presets, publish banners and share with anyone. is a company for providing best solutions at best possible price. are providing low cost webhosting service. provides unlimited space and bandwidth. Infogle is the best at providing support we are always open on support tickets. We have friendly staff who can solve your any query. We also give assistance on web-designing work and also seo. Infogle provides many free resources with our hosting plans

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At DailyWPTheme, they only list premium Wordpress themes that successfully installed on the latest version of Wordpress, have nice graphic, color and widget ready.


A Story.

Lainy’s Musings

Woman Sleeping

What do you dream about when you sleep?
I dream of words.Words run through my head. Ideas jump to my mind. I dream of writing yet I'm afraid.

Don't be afraid. You should write it down.

If I do, it would make it real. 
Why would I write it down, where?

Make a blog.
Who would read it? and Would anyone care?
Write it down, so you won't forget. 
Write it down, so your thoughts will have a voice.
It may or may not be read, but that doesn't matter.
What matters is that you wrote it and shared it.
Would anything I write matter to anyone?
It would matter to me.
It would matter to someone who learns more about you.
It would matter to someone who might learn from you.
It may mean something to someone, you wouldn't know unless you try.

     That's how the conversation between Veronica and Logan went.Logan's words are in blue, Veronica's in red.  Logan went on to encourage Veronica to try her hand at writing. Veronica and Logan met accidentally. Logan had a cousin, Andrea who was Veronica's friend. On Veronica's 21st birthday, accidentally or intentionally, no one knows yet...Andrea left her cellphone at home and borrowed Veronica's to send a text message to Logan. Logan replied later that day but Andrea was already gone which started the "texting relationship" between Logan and Veronica. They started getting to know each other. Logan was an artist and a writer. They discovered that they both had a passion for writing but Veronica was shy about her writing skills. She always believed that her writing skills were mediocre and that she had no talent whatsoever. She wrote stories secretly and hid them in notebooks kept locked in her closet. As each month passed, Veronica and Logan grew closer. But life was not that simple. Veronica was in a relationship with Peter. Theirs was a long distance relationship. It was a trying relationship for both Veronica and Peter, he was far away, all they had were text messages and phone calls.      

     Once in a while, Peter would come visit, but never stay long enough or there were issues never really discussed. Veronica heard rumors that Peter was having an affair with someone else. When Veronica heard of this, she turned to Logan, who was very supportive of her. He immediately came to visit and consoled her. Veronica fell hard for Logan, but didn't break off her relationship with Peter. In her mind, Veronica knew that things were going to end badly for every one of them. An idea came to her mind, she introduced Irene to Logan. Irene is the wild and happy-go-lucky type, single, unattached and carefree. The perfect challenge for someone like Logan. Irene and Logan went to places together. When Veronica heard about their trips, she tried to disregard her feelings about it....but in the end grew very bitter about it. Veronica remembered to start writing. She started to blog. She shared her feelings to the world. Told the story of her heartbreak about Logan, and about her desire to have that happily-ever-after with Peter. She wrote anonymously. Never revealing who she really was to anyone. Visitors came to her blog. Made comments on her posts. Logan was right. People cared. People empathized. They shared their own stories. Told her what happened to their own relationships. Veronica learned that when you share what you experience, when you express your opinion, some learn from what you have to say and some tell you what they've learned.

   As Logan and Irene's relationship grew strong, Veronica and Irene's relationship grew strained. It came to a point that Veronica thought she should end her friendship with Irene. She decided to end it, the day she learned that Logan and Irene were officially together. It was a sad day, when friendships end because of a guy. Irene and Veronica were once best of friends but have drifted apart because of Logan. Shouldn't friendships that have withstood the test of time, withstand the test of 'man'?
      Does Veronica end up with Logan or Peter? Does Irene end up with Logan or will she find someone else? Will friendships mend again? Blogging actually held the answer to this riddle. You see, when they all drifted apart, they still knew what was happening between them because of blogs. They kept tabs on each other through their respective blogs. The first part of this story happened year 2002. It's now 2009. What do you think happened?

* This is based on a true story. Names have been changed to protect their identities. This is written as an entry for Lainy's Writing Competition


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