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First off: Let's Thank The Sponsors for this amaZing Contest!
I choose to answer the question: Who is your favorite Entrecard Blogger?
My favorite Entrecard Blogger is: Calvin of Pinoy Web Surfer and Calvin's Hub   
He is my favorite for the simplest of all reasons. He is the reason that I have a blog that has its own domain name. I enjoy being able to blog with my own domain and he gives very insightful comments when there is a topic that he wants to comment on. He also writes amazing tech stuff and interesting stuff that makes me sit up and pay attention. I like that his blog is both informative and entertaining. I enjoy reading his posts on Amazing Race, things he did, places he went plus his guides are worth reading. His blogs are treasure troves of information. I look forward to reading his articles and receiving them in my mail inbox. There is both humor and seriousness to his post dashed with some spice to have that perfect blend for my taste. 
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Contest ends on February 10

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