Massdog Contest $100 every Month!

There's a contest that is run monthly. It lets you win $100 via paypal. All you have to do is write your best article about them, and if they pick your entry, you get to win $100. It's as simple as that! Hay friend join this contest
The host for this lovely contest is Massdog Web directory with the tagline PHPdirectory all the links you can get.
The site is amazing simply because you can submit your links whether you're a blogger, or a website owner. You can submit links, articles, and a whole lot more. Plus, i'm addicted to contests and here they are, providing a very great contest.

Furthermore, the site is made so that you can easily find what your looking for, there's an easy to understand navigation, just click the links and you'll learn more about whatever topic you want to find.

" is probably one of the easiest sites to navigate making the experience that much more pleasurable." - I disagree! It is one of the easiest not just probably.

Here's my experiene, I clicked on blogs and the categories show up and the number of blogs within that category is seen. I love the fact that the links can be sorted by number of hits, pagerank, and even in alphabetical order.
The sweetest part of all, when I learned about this directory is this contest which You will get $100 via paypal if you win so what are you waiting for. Try your luck, You will get $100 via paypal if you win.
Blog contest ends on September 2009. You have 6 months of trying. 

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