A Review.

What jumps at me as soon as I go to her page is the image of the 'jeepney'. This makes her blog certified Filipino, branded with a 'jeepney', I of course expect adventures and descriptions of travel. Her writings are very informative, detailed, peppered with beautiful photographs and quick wit. Her blog is also composed and designed beautifully. Well-balanced, and did I mention beautiful already?
I love looking into categories. What caught my eye was her post on Confessions. The Filipina Blogger wrote such a heartwarming, informative and candid post about being addicted to Chocolates, or as she referred to herself, a chocoholic. The write-up included tips in curbing your addiction which I found very enlightening, since I'm a diabetic who is a chocoholic and she mentioned blood sugar levels in that particular post. Her photo also jumps at me and grabs my attention. It's such an amazing photograph in the sense that she had such presence. I'm sorry, I seem to be lost in just heaping praise on her but then it's all true.
If you're ever interested in more stories, about blogging, and about living the life in Singapore, Pinayjade is the blog which you definitely must read. I picked one, of all her many stories. I chose a confession. I'm addicted to that type. If you want to learn about blogging experience, and just plain want to read about her life experiences in Singapore - a country famous for its strictness regarding cleanliness, go on and read her blog.

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