I won! I won! I won at the Joint Anniversary Giveaway!

Today is indeed a lucky day for me and for my husband, though unlucky for my daughter, she nicked her toe.

The day started out fine enough, we were all excited to watch Daddy's performance at school. He was going to participate in 2 dance routines. One folkdance, and one modern dance ( all male group). My mom went with us. The kids had fun watching the cheerdance and other dance routines. It was a contest but hubby's group was last placer for the folk dance. For the modern dance, it was an exhibition or a demonstration number only. You must be wondering why I call him lucky? Well, since it's foundation week for the school, included in the programme of the day is a raffle for different prizes. Prizes ranging from grocery items, appliances like dvd, tv, and even cellular phones. One of the items that was raffled off was a brand-new mountain bike. Among the hundreds or more participants my husband's name was the lucky entry which got picked! Unbelievable!

What are the chances of both of us winning something today of all days?

For my part, trying does pay off. I love the fact that I try and try joining blog contests, and this is at least a 4th time that I won, and I still get amazed everytime I win anything. May it be a 100 ec credits, an ubuntu cd, a flash drive and now I won ec credits, a bracelet, a blog layout which I so crave for( I'm a sucker for blog layouts) and most of all, cash. I forgot to mention I also won a domain last October.

So wait, did I tell you I won at Mira's Joint Anniversary Giveaway? Here's the contest post and here are the winners post. Check it out, if you also won!

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