Win $105.51 Dollars

Paul Barlow of Paul's Money making Schemes is holding a blog giveaway!

He describes himself as someone who has made a good living out of blogging, and his giveaway says so! He is going to give away $105.51 because that's what he earned on Feb.21. Imagine that. I can't, I only earn cents thru adsense, if and when I get lucky. His good Adsense day is between $100-250, all I can say is wow!
Check out on how he explained click through rates, something I'm not familiar with. He explained it nicely that a newbie like me, can understand:
Here is how easy it is join in this giveaway!

How To Enter

Each person can have a maximum of 2 tickets for this.

1. The first is compulsory and very simple - provide a link to any of his posts (not the home page) from any web page that you own. Your link can come from your blog or any other website you own. It can link to absolutely any post on this blog - just not the home page.

2. The second ticket will be automatic if you’re an email subscriber to his RSS feed. For anyone who performs the link for ticket 1 and hasn’t subscribed via e-mail to my RSS feed subscribing will get you a second ticket.

Once you’ve done 1 (and optionally 2) above leave a comment so that I know you’re in. If you use the e-mail address you used when subscribing in the comment e-mail field it will make his life a lot easier!
One final thing, you will need a PayPal account in order to receive payment so please don’t enter unless you have a PayPal account that you can receive the prize into.


Join now!

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