Mys Keeps Trying is Moving!

Yes, you read that right! With my winnings, I decided to buy a domain for this blog. I bought it through my favorite domain registrar, I was greatly influenced by this domain and hosting site thru Calvin and Amanda of I chose dot info (.info) since it was super cheap and I'm actually trying to be practical now. I am totally feeling the recession. I was warned that my widgets will be erased when I upload my site but I'm still reeling from the fact, that I finally got the upload template thing to work. So, my bad. Will be rebuilding the site from scratch and think up ways to make this new and improved blog clean and neat before the transfer.

My new domain name is It feels funny and cute to me. It's like, you get information from my blog, which has the title, Just Keep Trying. I wonder what will happen to my contest entries. I guess, I'll make the move when all the contests I've blogged about here is done. So as not to confuse the the blog contest hosts and sponsors.

Notice the new layout? This is one of my many winnings at Mira's blog Anniversary Giveaway Contest.

The designer is one that I greatly admire. I first saw her work at Green Man, Carlota has tons of sites, all equally well-designed. It's an honor and pleasure to be able to have her do my blog makeover. I really love blog designers. They have so much creativity. There are a lot of them at entrecard, that I usually bloghop from one to another.

Still looking for sponsors for my upcoming blog contest.

By the way, what's the best comment thingie around? Disqus? Sezwho? Commentluv with JS-kit?
Or just plain Google?

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  1. Happy to know that you like the layout. Thanks for the kind words.

    About the comment: I like the Commentluv with JS-kit it's something different and close to wordpress. I have it installed in my blogspot blog, i like it. It was easy to install too.

    Happy Sunday and have a great week ahead.