Christmas Wishlist Online Contest from Manila Freelancer!

Since Christmas is all about giving, Manila Freelancer will be giving away several items this Christmas which includes:
  •   1 SUPER TALENT 200X 4GB USB Flash Drive
  •   1 Ridata 1 GB USB Flash Drive
  •   1 Memorex 1 GB USB Flash Drive
  •   1 PQI 1GB USB Flash Drive
  •    2 2009 Starbucks Planners
This contest is open to Philippine Residents Only.
So, if you think you'd like to win any of this stuff. Head on out to Manila Freelancer's site and read all about this contest.

This will also serve as my contest entry so I will be listing my christmas wishlist here.

12 Items Mys is Wishing for...

1-4. Hardbound copies of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga.
5.  A brand new original phone (not a clone)
6.  A usb flash drive for me. (My hubby has one for him already)
7.  A scanner for my pc.
8.  A 2gb olympus xd memory card
9.  Twilight Illustrated Movie Companion book
10. An Original Twilight DvD ( This might be available next year)
11. An ebook reader
12. A great business idea.

What's in your wishlist?

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