Win $300 dollars in Cash just by making a review!

Well, who can say no to such a sweet offer as that? But then more often than not, a review is one of the things that I find difficulty in doing. But as my blog title suggests, I do intend to keep trying.

First, the details of the blog contest is fairly simple.
But then, making a review is difficult.

To start off, I find their header image very relaxing and soothing. 
Their Blog Title is what makes me start thinking:

 I see their blogroll and I get even more curious. It seems that Ilchi Lee has a strong following. I read more and discover that I do like some of his concepts. His teachings spoke of enlightenment and of peace, worthy causes to fight for, dream of and hope for in this world and in my lifetime.

The Ilchi Lee Blog Network holds true to its name, they gathered the links where Ilchi Lee's quotes and teachings are discussed. They also provide information regarding his quotes and teachings. 

If you are looking for something different, that may challenge your brain and perhaps give you a clearer picture of what you can do for peace. Head on out to their site.

If you want more information about someone famous as a Brain Philosopher. Go to

We all want to learn something new, hope this helps some of you as it did me.


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