Does this Photo Grab you?

Join this contest! The Economy Sucks! $50 Contest!

Imagine this on a shirt, wouldn't you call copies of that shirt - Funny T-Shirts

Here's how to enter, quoted from the Chewing Glass

  1. Check out our friend’s t-shirt design site - Teextile - and register as a user. You don’t have to buy anything (though you can - they have some fantastic prints!). Just go over there, create a user name and register. Registering allows you to vote on which design gets printed next and even submit a t-shirt design if you want. It also gets you free shipping if you do buy a t-shirt. Anyways - just register. That’s it. That’s 1 entry into our little contest here.
  2. Write a short blog post about our contest. The post can be as long or as short as you want. Include two links - one to the homepage here at ChewingGlass Tees using the anchor text ‘Funny T-Shirts’ and one to the contest post here with any old anchor text you want. This counts as 2 more entry points.
Don't believe me? Check out their post for yourself. And believe that even if the economy sucks, some can still give away $50.


  1. hi sis, i already sent your paypal info to imelda the sponsor of the price. btw i already sent the 1,000 ec credits last night did u get it?

  2. saang blog mo gagamitin ang layout price?