First Contest from is holding his first ever contest and with very simple requirements!

Prize is $100 via paypal. Winner will be chosen randomly.

Contest Rules :
1- Follow him on Twitter .. Click here to follow him
2- Tweet the Following basically copy and paste it.
“Just Entered in $100 Contest. Follow @idito and Retweet. …He Also Follows Back!!!!”

What are you waiting for? Join in the fun.

Read all about the contest here!

Contest ends on May 1 2009


  1. hi mys i am still waiting for your blogger login info para mainstall ko ang layout. if you want you can install the layout by your self

  2. Hi!

    just dropping by to say you won 500 EC credits from my contest on The Struggling

    The credits are courtesy of my friend Jena Isle of Random Thoughts

    Will send the credits ASAP!