Want Free Money?

Everyone wants free money, who doesn't? With recession and the tough times, Great Ways to Make Money Online dot Com is giving away FREE MONEY. Yes, you read that right, FREE MONEY. So join in this wonderful giveaway.

In Great Ways to Make Money Online dot com's own words:
All you have to do for the free money contest is follow this link - Free Money - and sign up as follows.

1. Look for the following box at the bottom of the page and enter your details. Now you need to remember the first name and last name you sign up with because you will need to email me those details so I can verify you are in fact in my down line. (Do Not email me you password, I repeat, do not email me your password!)

2. After you sign up, you will be asked if you would like to upgrade your membership. This is not necessary to do. You can still sign up for free by going to the bottom of the page and looking for the following link.

3. Again you will be asked to upgrade. This is not necessary at all. This is the last chance for upgrading at a discount but you can still join the program for free and get free mentoring. Just look for the following link at the bottom of the page again.

4. Now that you have joined the free marketing training and mentoring program, all you have to do is email me the first and last names you used to sign up and I can verify that you are in fact in my down line and you are all set! You will be entered into the Free Money contest! Email me those names at

5. If you would like bonus entries, you can receive 3 extra entries by writing a small article on your blog about this contest and linking back to this contest with the anchor text free money. Don't forget to email me your links at the same address otherwise you cannot receive your bonus entries! Here is the html for the link:

Free Money

Now I know that some bloggers give out mad crazy entries for their contests but the Free Money Contest isn't like that. I could give out 10 entries for joining the mentoring program or 20 entries for the link but what the hell, I think 1 and 3 work out just fine for the free money contest. Everyone will have a legitimate chance to win that free money!

I am very excited to get this free money contest rolling! So join the contest by joining the free marketing training program and linking back to this contest! If you have already joined this program through me or anyone else, all you have to do is write a small article and link back and you too can still have a shot at the free money.

For more details, go and find out more about Free Money!


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