Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest

When I have extra time on my hands, that means, my kids have been fed and I've put them to bed, I get the urge to look for blog contests and try to browse some sites online. I usually get stuck on where I can find quality reviews for sites or information about other sites that may prove to be interesting enough. Then I stumbled upon Great Sites to Visit which gives Great Site Reviews and what is even sweeter is that they are holding a Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest! The first thing that caught my eye is their template. I love it! It's Zinmag Tribune and they really tweaked it and they owned it! The site looks amazing and the content even more. If you want to discover new sites, all you have to do is click on the category that you're interested in. They have so much to offer, truly a great site indeed with great site recommendations as well.

You guys know how much I love participating in contests and this is one contest that YOU SHOULDN'T MISS!

Here's the Details Summary of the Great Sites Cold Hard Cash Contest:


Prize: $100.00 Post Contest
Rules: Must post a link back to us from your blog using the links provided and anchor text.
Second Rule: Double your changes by following us on twitter and tweeting about our contest with a link.
Draws: There is a minimum entrance before this will be carried out. If only 3 or 4 play this contest we will cancel it.
Begin Time: February 20th 2009
Finish Time: March 20th 2009
Announce: March 21th 2009
What are you waiting for? Visit Great Site Reviews Now!  Check out their list of TOP 10's - it's a Must Read. Even take note of their Editior's Choice Awards - Truly great site reviews.

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